Published Collections

Library & Archives NT collects published works from commercial, community, government and self-publishing sectors, in a wide variety of formats.

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Library & Archives NT collects works from commercial, community, government and self-publishing sectors (books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, CDs and DVDs), whether that material is in print, audio-visual or digital formats, whether it is published in the Northern Territory, elsewhere in Australia, or in the world. Ephemeral publications (flyers, posters) from Northern Territory sources are also selectively collected.

We recognise that many publications are now frequently published in digital formats.

Where the publication is published in print and digital formats, both formats will be collected if possible. If it is not possible to collect both formats, the digital format is preferred. 

We collect: 
Bookspublished in the Northern Territory, have Northern Territory content, or written / created by a Northern Territorian, as well as publications significant to the Northern Territory in a range of areas, including Indigenous policy, Australian history, politics, law, art history, tropical sciences, northern development, South-East Asia. 
Periodicalsnewspapers, journals, magazines, gazettes, newsletters, digests, yearbooks, etc that are commercially published in the Northern Territory, have significant Northern Territory content, or by a Northern Territory organisation.
Government Publicationsby Northern Territory government departments and statutory bodies, Northern Territory local government authorities, and Federal government departments and statutory bodies where the content is specific or significant to the Northern Territory.
Mapstopographical, geological and thematic maps specific to the Northern Territory’s lands and waters.
Ephemera and postersmaterial such as posters, brochures, and flyers covering a range of issues from political, social protest, tourism, retail and community and cultural events.
Audio-visual materialaudio and vision material published in the Northern Territory, has Northern Territory content, has content that is significant to the Northern Territory, or is created by a Northern Territorian.
Websites and social mediawebsites of the Northern Territory are actively archived as part of the Australian Web Archive program.