Legal Deposit

In order to keep our collections up-to-date and growing, it is legally required that all Northern Territory publications and recordings are donated to the Northern Territory Library.

What is Legal Deposit?

Legal Deposit is a legislative requirement to ensure that Australia’s national, state and territory libraries are able to keep a comprehensive collection of everything published in the country.

In the Northern Territory, the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 requires that all publications and recordings produced in the Northern Territory are donated to the Northern Territory Library within two months. The collection of items under Legal Deposit ensures that future researchers will have access to a comprehensive record of the Northern Territory's social and cultural history. 

What’s covered by Legal Deposit?

Legal Deposit covers materials published in the Northern Territory including:

  • books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, reports, newsletters, calendars, directories, handbooks, guides, sheet music, maps and pamphlets
  • information recorded or stored by means of a recording device, computer or electronic device, or any other device e.g. audio-cassettes, video cassettes, films, multimedia kits, computer magnetic tape, computer optical disks, floppy discs, compact discs, CDROMs, DVDs, websites and PDF files

An exemption exists for materials that are culturally sensitive. These materials may still be deposited with us for preservation and safekeeping, at the discretion of the donor. In such cases, the Northern Territory Library will make sure any desired restrictions on access are observed.

How to deposit physical publications

Publications and recordings can be posted to:

Northern Territory Library
PO Box 42
Darwin NT 0801

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National edeposit

National edeposit (NED) is an exciting collaboration between Australia’s nine national, state and territory libraries, responding to the major challenge of capturing and preserving the digital documentary heritage of Australia for the future. The NED service provides for the deposit, management, storage, preservation, discovery and delivery of published electronic material across Australia.  

The NED service simplifies your Legal Deposit obligations for digital publications. Through a single service, you are able to deposit electronic publications to fulfil National and Northern Territory digital Legal Deposit responsibilities.

Copies of files deposited by Northern Territory publishers in NED will be securely transferred to the Northern Territory Library (NTL), in accordance with the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004.

Copies of files deposited with the NTL will be securely transferred to the National edeposit repository at the National Library of Australia, in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968.

Publishers are only required to deposit at either NED or NTL.  

Publications need to be free of technological protection measures or digital rights management. This is mandated in the national digital legal deposit legislation and is required to enable the ongoing preservation of the publications.

How do I deposit electronic publications?

Publishers who have previously deposited with the National Library of Australia edeposit service (Other than NTG Agencies)Deposit with the new NED portal.
New publishers (Other than NTG Agencies)Deposit with the new NED portal.
Northern Territory Government AgenciesDeposit with the Northern Territory Library who will transfer your publications to the NED Repository.
All other publishersDeposit with the Northern Territory Library.  You will be contacted by the Library with a transition plan to the NED service. 



Do I need to deposit both a physical and digital copy of my publication?

The Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004  allows NTL to collect both the digital and print version of any given publication. NTL collects digital versions of all publications where available.  The print version is also collected for significant monographs or if the publication is only available in print. 

Publication TypePublished Digital Only

Published Digital + Print


Published Digital + Print 


Published Print Only
Community, school and society newslettersYESYESNOYES
NTG Agency PublicationsYESYESNOYES
NTG Agency PeriodicalsYESYESNOYES
Society Publications (less than 15 pages) YESYESNOYES
Society Publications (more than 15 pages)YESYESYESYES
Commercial PublicationsYESYESYESYES
Born Digital Formats (eg photographs, recordings)YES   

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