Northern Territory History Grants Program

The Northern Territory History Grants Program provides up to $7,000 to support original research about Northern Territory history.

Administered by Library & Archives NT (LANT), the grants program aims to support original research on Northern Territory history and broaden community understanding of and engagement with LANT's collections.

Notebooks and black and white photographs displayed on a black background.

Key Dates:

  • Applications open on Monday 1 July 2024.
  • Applications close on Monday 12 August 2024.
  • Successful applications will be announced in November 2024.

How To Apply:

Who Can Apply:

  • You can apply if you're a resident of the NT and an individual, a society or a community organisation.
  • Employees of the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities are required to have a completed and approved conflict of interest declaration and management plan before applying. Other NT government employees should refer to their own department's policy requirements before applying.
  • Northern Territory Associations applying for grants must comply with the Associations Act.

Who Can't Apply:

  • Territory, state and Federal government agencies are not eligible to apply
  • Previous NT History Grants recipients who have not acquitted grants are not eligible to apply.

What Can Be Funded: 

The Grants are intended to assist with associated expenses that will be incurred whilst carrying out research projects including:

  • Travel and accommodation;
  • Costs associated with printing and publication such as editing fees, design costs, copyright and licencing fees;
  • Incidental research fees;
  • Reproduction charges;
  • Interview fees.

Preference will be given to applications covering topics which have not been researched before, or if the topic  has been researched before, the applicant proposes a new approach or pushes research into new areas. 

What Cannot Be Funded: 

  • Purchase of equipment and assets
  • Cataloguing collections
  • Digitising or reproduction of collections
  • Professional consulting fees, such as historical consulting fees to undertake research
  • Costs associated with work that has already been done
  • Wages

Examples Of Previously Funded Projects:

The following are examples of projects that have received funding in the past.

Historical research for:

  • Published work such as a book, journal article, written guide
  • Unpublished or self-published work
  • Radio program
  • Video/film or theatrical play
  • Website
  • Oral history interviews



Image: John Bates Collection 1864-1979,