LANT Inappropriate Materials on the Internet Guideline

This guideline applies to use of the internet at Library & Archives NT premises or on WiFi Services provided by the Library & Archives NT

(Note: this is a section of the Library & Archives NT ICT and Digital Services Guidelines)

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4. Inappropriate Materials on the Internet Guideline

4.1 Inappropriate material includes documents, images, audio, video or games which

  • Contain sexually explicit, violent images or bad language
  • Is likely to demean or offend on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, or other personal attributes
  • Promotes activity that is illegal in Australia
  • Is harassing, intimidating, offensive, or otherwise has potential to give rise to civil or criminal liability

4.2 You may not intentionally access, display, or advertise in appropriate material from internet sites in the library, or using services provided by the Northern Territory Library using computers provided by Library & Archives NT or Your own computer, phone or tablet. 

4.3 You may not print any inappropriate material from internet sites.

4.4 If You are in breach of these Terms or Library & Archives NT reasonably believes You to be in breach of these guidelines, the Library & Archives NT reserves an absolute and sole discretion to limit or block any website and/or content and to request that You stop doing anything that breaches an obligation in these Terms including:

  • Insist You exit from an inappropriate website immediately
  • Switch off the computer, phone or tablet showing an in appropriate website
  • Not allow You to print out any inappropriate material 
  • Take away any printed copies of in appropriate material found anywhere within the library
  • Ask You to leave Library & Archives NT premises or WiFi hotspot location
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