WiFi Terms and Conditions of Use - Plain English

For full terms and conditions of use see here

The following rules apply to the Library & Archives NT WiFi. If you do not accept the rules you cannot use the WiFi.   

  • ‘Library & Archives NT’ means Library & Archives NT being a division of the Northern Territory Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities in connection with the supply of the digital services; 
  • You’ or ‘Your’ means the person or organisation using the WiFi.
  1. The WiFi is free for you to use. 
  2. Your access to the WiFi might be limited by download and time limits. 
  3. Library & Archives NT does not promise the WiFi is safe or will work perfectly. 
  4. Library & Archives NT does not have to let you use the WiFi.
  5. Library & Archives NT might include ads on the WiFi.
  6. You agree that the WiFi may not be safe and that you will protect your own device when you use it. You are responsible for protecting your device.
  7. Library & Archives NT is not responsible for any of the websites you visit using the WiFi.
  8. You are responsible for anything you do or access when you use the WiFi. 
  9. You will not use the WiFi in a way that is illegal or might affect or stop the WiFi from working. 
  10. When you use the WiFi the websites you see may belong to someone else. You should only use the websites you access through the WiFi as intended by the owner of the website.
  11. Library & Archives NT may limit the WiFi or stop you from accessing websites if they want to. Library & Archives NT might also ask you to stop doing something if it breaks one of these rules. 
  12. Library & Archives NT might monitor your use of the WiFi and might collect information about your use of the WiFi.
  13. Library & Archives NT will know when you are using the WiFi, how you are accessing the WiFi and what websites you visit. Library & Archives NT will not know who you are when you use the WiFi. 
  14. Library & Archives NT does not promise that the WiFi will work for what you want to use it for. If you lose anything when you use the WiFi Library & Archives NT does not have to pay you for your loss or help you. 
  15. You will pay Library & Archives NT back if they suffer a loss because of your use of the WiFi. 
  16. Library & Archives NT can change these rules without telling you.