Takedown Policy

Library & Archives NT is committed to the principles of freedom of expression and universal access to information and knowledge.

Library & Archives NT is mandated to collect and preserve the cultural heritage of the Northern Territory by providing open and equitable access to information and supporting the growth of knowledge and ideas. 

In making materials available online, Library & Archives NT makes every effort to ensure that it has the appropriate rights to provide access to that content. 

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Takedown requests will be assessed on the following principles:

  • Maintaining the broadest possible online access to collection materials.
  • A commitment to meeting all relevant legislative requirements.
  • Due consideration of the nature of the relationship of the requestor to the material.
  • Removal from search results or takedown will be considered as an exceptional response.

How to request removal of content

If you find material on the Library & Archives NT websites, social media or another digital platform for which you have not given permission, is legally judged to contravene privacy, be defamatory or obscene, be significantly harmful or in terms of copyright law is not covered by a limitation or exception, please contact us stating the following:

  • Your contact details
  • The full details of the material
  • The exact and full [URL] website address where you found the material
  • The exact search string and search engine used when you found the material
  • If the request relates to copyright, statement and evidence that that you are the rights holder or authorised representative
  • The reason for your request and your preferred action

Please submit your request via email or via post at GPO Box 42, Darwin NT 0801.

Assessment procedure

The Library is committed to resolving issues quickly and amicably.

We will acknowledge receipt of your request within three working days and provide an interim decision.

You will be informed of an outcome within six weeks of your request. This may include that the material is takendown, removed from search results, or left unchanged.

Material that is removed will be openly acknowledged with a statement noting the reason for the removal of the material where appropriate.  Library & Archives NT reserves the right to review, reassess and reinstate online materials at a later date.

For more information you can contact us by:
Post: GPO Box 42 Darwin 0801
Telephone: (08) 8999 7177
Contact us by email