'Evenings at the Archives': Grahame Webb, ‘History of Saltwater Crocodile Management in the Northern Territory’

Tuesday 24 August | 5:30pm to 7:00pm

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  • Date
    Tuesday, 24 August, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Location
    Northern Territory Archives Centre, Millner
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Picture of small crocodile with mouth open exposing teeth

As part of LANT’s Evenings at the Archives program, we are excited to present Saltwater Crocodile Management in the Northern Territory by respected crocodilian, animal conservationist and entrepreneur, Professor Grahame Webb.

Grahame Webb has been researching wildlife conservation management focussing on rehabilitating crocodile populations in the NT for over five decades. He is a leading authority on saltwater crocodile conservation programs and has been recognised for his progressive research approaches, incorporating modern science and enterprise with traditional Aboriginal management and sustainable use practices. 

In 1978, he established Wildlife Management International (WMI), a wildlife management and research consultancy, and Crocodylus Park, one of Darwin’s major tourist attractions, to support ongoing research and the public education of wildlife conservation and sustainable use issues. 

Professor Grahame Webb is a distinguished academic and was awarded a Doctorate of Science at Charles Darwin University in 2013. He has written hundreds of publications, including numerous books and articles.

Join us to hear Professor Grahame Webb’s remarkable story and how he has led one of the world's most successful crocodile wildlife rehabilitation projects in the Territory.

Crocodile, 2021. Photo Grahame Webb.