Conditions of Entry to the Northern Territory Library

It is a pleasure to welcome people to the Library, whether online or in person. For the enjoyment and safety for all we do ask that you follow the Library’s terms and conditions while you are with us.

  1. Treat all Library Clients and Staff with respect and courtesy
  2. Inform Staff of any concerns relating to the behaviour of other clients.
  3. Comply with dress standards for the Legislative Assembly and wear footwear at all times.
  4. Accept responsibility for personal belongings.  Bags may be brought into the Library once scanned by Security, or may be cloaked on request at Security.
  5. Treat Library collections, property, equipment and facilities with care.
  6. Set mobile phones to silent and take any calls outside the Library.
  7. Do not consume any food and drink in the Library, except bottled water.
  8. Refrain from behaviour which may disturb others.
  9. Leave the Library by closing time.
  10. Enter and exit the Library through the security gates at the front entrance to the Library (except as directed in Emergency Procedures)
  11. Allow Library staff to inspect bags if the security alarm is activated.

You can contact us by:

Post: GPO Box 42 Darwin 0801
Telephone: (08) 8999 7177
Contact us by email